I spend much of my spare time learning, researching and building applications or platforms using Amazon Web Services.  It is my modern grown-up form of Lego.  I also host a range of sites and support non-profit and charities in their use of Google Apps and Microsoft Azure.  I have implemented simple portlets and workflows using App Scripts, or in the case of Microsoft Azure a number of C# Form based implementations.

I always default my development to JavaScript as I find I can mould it like putty. I like immediate results for example blending an asynchronous call to Twitter into a D3.js graph model via jquery.  I have spent much more time building lightweight REST services from a node.js or PHP backend, usually managed in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

I have also developed a number of solutions on platforms including NoSQL and Hadoop, blending to two to provide quick standardisation of incoming data streams.  

I am also forever curious of RDF and the related standards for the semantic web.  At some stage I will revisit my original Thesis of natural language processing of raw Legislation, into a knowledge graph for intelligent navigation by end users.  Now that legislation is Open Data this may prove easier than I first anticipated.

One aspect I enjoy about technology, is bringing artwork to it.  As such I have developed a liking for services such as Prezi which is a very dynamic and interactive way of sharing ideas.  When I am not doing technical or computer related stuff I like to build, paint and play Warhammer 40K armies covering Dark Angels and Daemons.  I use a mix of sculpting, air-brush and painting to build very detailed and high quality models.