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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides the Infrastructure for cloud applications.
The greatest value and economies are delivered when using and combining the core elastic services such as:
Storage (S3) for images, documents, unprocessed and processed data.
Delivery (CloudFront) for high performance access to public resources.
Data storage (DynamoDB) for the metadata about the objects you store in S3.
Processing (EC2) for crunching the numbers.
Orchestration (SWF) for managing the workflow and events.
Choosing the right combination of components and the collection of best configurations can be challenging, so its always best to sit down with paper and pencil and sketch out the goals of the solution, before diving to deep into the detail.
I treat AWS as an ongoing game, of trying to see how much I can do for how little resource. This project will capture activities and learning, from going through the process of implementing simple configurations, through to complex applications - as well as everything in-between.